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Is Hacking More Likely At In-Person Or Online Casinos?

One of the more pervasive “warnings” we hear about gambling with Vegas-style international online casinos is that these sites are “unregulated” and thus more prone to things like hacking, identity theft, and so on. Basically, the narrative is that legal offshore Vegas betting sites are fundamentally more prone to being hacked than big-name domestic casinos. Similarly, we constantly hear that users of such offshore sites are fundamentally more prone to being attacked personally and financially than users of brand-name in-state …

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Don’t Expect Las Vegas Online Casino Gambling Any Time Soon

Back in December, the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (BCLGS) held a four-day conference at Resorts World Las Vegas. Ironically, even though Nevada is a member of the 22-state association – and even though the conference was hosted in Sin City itself – NV legislators did not attend the event. The reason why is plain: Nevada strongly opposes online casino gambling. While the state long ago approved online sports betting and online poker, these are comparative cottage markets. …

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Lions Share Slot Jackpot Win

Slots Players Pining After Their ‘Lion’s Share’ of the Multi Million Dollar Jackpot That Hasn’t Hit In Nearly 20 Years

On August 22, 2014, a lucky US couple from New Hampshire hit the $2.4 Million jackpot on the Lion’s Share slot machine at MGM Grand Casino. The slot machine had not paid out a jackpot in nearly two decades, so the payout was huge for the winners. According to casino employees, the couple had only been playing the game for 5 minutes when they watched in amazement as the reel symbols lit up for the jackpot win. The MGM Grand …

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Online Gamblers Boycott Venetian After CEO Blasts Internet Gambling

A physical casino CEO publicly stating that he does not agree with a particular form of casino gambling? That is exactly what happened recently when the Las Vegas Sands Corporation CEO Sheldon Adelson recently declared Las Vegas style online gambling as “bad … dangerous and immoral.” In a recent opinion/editorial piece published in Forbes, Adelson, CEO of the largest gaming company in the world, argued that you can “click your mouse and lose your house” online, and a much more …

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NJ Gambling Bill

New Jersey To Legalize Online Gambling

The legalization of online gambling has been an ongoing debate in the United States for years and has escalated recently to receive attention from members of congress, the senate, and local state governments. While the federal government has not moved forward with any action yet to legalize online gambling nationwide, individual states are looking into the prospect, most recently New Jersey. The NJ Senate decided with a 29-5 vote last week to allow Atlantic City Casino owners to offer online …

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Gambling Bill

New Bi-Partisan anti-UIGEA Bill Presented to 112th Congress

Last year, Barny Frank worked hard to try to get the anti-UIGEA bill that he and up to 70 other congressmen had co-sponsored through the 111th congress. Unfortunately, the bill met with no success and Frank was unable to get the bill to see the light of day, despite the overwhelmingly democratic presence at the time. The House Committee on Financial Services has released a press release that indicated that a new markup of the original HR2267 was presented to …

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Alderny Gaming Commission

Las Vegas Gambling Regulators Team up With Alderney Gambling Control Commission

It seems that Las Vegas is ready to lay the framework for potential online gambling opportunities which are felt by many to be headed their way. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the British based Alderney Gambling Control Commission have reached an agreement that would enable the two governing bodies to work together on investigations and other regulatory matters. They will be sharing information, skills, and will work together in multiple respects of the las vegas online casino industry. Nevada regulators are …

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