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Phil Ivey Loses $12.3 Million Lawsuit, Borgata Casino to Sue For $9.6 Million - The courts in London have officially labled Mr. Ivey as a card cheat in a judge's ruling that sided with Crockford's Casino in their allegations that Phil Ivey cheated when playing cards at their casino. The lawsuit has cost Mr. Ivey nearly $10 million in losses. Read full article.

Ultimate Gaming Pulls Out of New Jersey – Virtual Deck Stacked Against Them? - After about one year participating in the New Jersey online poker scene, Ultimate Gaming is parting ways with the Garden State as they depart the NJ online gambling market, severing ties with the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. The Taj Mahal is facing bankruptcy, which was likely a contributing factor in the brand's decision. Read Full Article.

Recapping Week 1 of WSOP Real Money Online Poker Play in Las Vegas - The well-known and Las Vegas-centered World Series of Poker brand has now entered the fray in the Silver State, officially launching real money online poker options through their website on September 19. Let us take a look at the first week of play on the site, and see how WSOP online poker was received. Read Full Article.

Online Gamblers Boycott Venetian After CEO Blasts Internet Gambling - A physical casino CEO publicly stating that he does not agree with a particular form of casino gambling? That is exactly what happened recently when the Las Vegas Sands Corporation CEO Sheldon Adelson recently declared Las Vegas style online gambling as "bad ... dangerous and immoral." Read Full Article.

Nevada Passes Historic Online Interstate Poker Bill - What's Next? - Nevada had already passed legislation making it legal to enjoy some online poker in the Silver State, but just last week they also became the first state to legalize interstate gambling. The historic bill signed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval means that Nevada will actively begin to pursue interstate online gambling agreements with other states. Full Article

What Does Vegas, Zynga And Facebook Have In Common? - With over a dozen states in the U.S. now aggressively seeking passing legislation that would allow their residents to gamble legally online, the list of individuals and companies lining up to cash in grows larger every day. And it is probably no surprise that the big names in the brick-and-mortar casino business are climbing on board, trying to position themselves in front of what they hope is guaranteed online gambling legislation passage sooner than later. Full Article

FullTilt Poker and Fertitta Interactive Partner for Internet Poker Site - Word of a new partnership between FullTilt Poker and Fertitta Interactive has come to light recently as the two companies announced their intentions to jointly operate an Internet poker website once they gain federal approval.  FullTilt Poker is a popular online poker website, and Fertitta Interactive's co-owners are also the founders of Station Casinos. Full Article

Wynn Resorts and PokerStars Announce New Partnership - A newly formed partnership between Wynn Resorts and PokerStars was announced on Thursday, stating that the two gambling brands would work together to advance the passage of legislation on a federal level to allow and regulate online gambling for US residents. PokerStars is one of the premiere online poker brands currently operating on the Internet. Full Article

New Bi-Partisan anti-UIGEA Bill Presented to 112th Congress - Last year, Barny Frank worked hard to try to get the anti-UIGEA bill that he and up to 70 other congressman had co-sponsored through the 111th congress. Unfortunately, the bill met with no success and Frank was unable to get the bill to see the light of day, despite the overwhelmingly democratic presence at the time. The House Committee on Financial Services has released a press release which indicated that a new mark up of the original HR2267 was presented to the 112th congress on March 17th... Full Article

New Jersey Passes New Bill To Legalize Online Gambling - The legalization of online gambling has been an ongoing debate in the United States for years, and has escalated recently to receive attention from members of congress, the senate, and local state government. While the federal government has not moved forward with any action yet to legalize online gambling nationwide, individual states are looking into the prospect, most recently New Jersey. The NJ Senate decided with a 29-5 vote last week to allow Atlantic City Casino owners... Full Article

Las Vegas Gambling Regulators Team up With Alderney Gambling Control Commission - It seems that Las Vegas is ready to lay the framework for potential online gambling opportunities which are felt by many to be headed their way. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the British based Alderney Gambling Control Commission have reached an agreement that would enable the two governing bodies to work together on investigations and other regulatory matters. They will be sharing information, skills, and will work together in... Full Article