Legal Gambling Age In Las Vegas In 2024

A Close Look At The Legal Gambling Age For Las Vegas For Both Online And Offline Play

With the current online gambling age blossoming and reaching unprecedented popularity recently, the opportunity for legal wagering in Las Vegas and other states both online and off has never been better. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have all legalized some form of online gambling, and players must be 21 years of age and residing in those states to enjoy virtual Vegas offerings from US owned companies.

As far as physical age requirements, the many US states which offer legal casino, bingo, horse track and poker room gambling in brick-and-mortar buildings vary on age minimums for gamblers, with most agreeing on the 21 year mark.

Legal Vegas Gambling Age For Online Wagering In 2024

However, the legal gambling age required by many online gambling portals is just 18. These institutions are among the bigger names in the online gambling community, and are licensed and located outside of the physical United States where gambling requirements are not as strict. This provides an online gambling opportunity to Internet casinos, vegas online poker rooms and las vegas online sportsbooks for responsible adults 18 years of age or older, even if they are located in the US.

But if you want to enjoy what is considered the world's physical centerpiece of gambling and casino entertainment and wagering excitement, stepping through the always-open real-world doors of a casino in Las Vegas requires that you reach 21 years of age, which remains as the Las Vegas gamblng age as of now.

Legal Las Vegas Gambling Age For Local Brick And Mortar Casinos

States like Nevada opt for this higher age for gambling requirement for several reasons, but it is based primarily on the belief that dates all the way back to the 1960s which holds 21 as the youngest age to be fully considered an adult. This delivers the reflection of most state and federal laws at that time, which agrees with the current legal drinking age of 21. Since today's fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada casinos comp their customers with free alcoholic beverages, it just makes sense that Sin City require that the minimum gambling age equal that of the drinking age.

This discrepancy between the legal age for gambling at physical and online Las Vegas casinos owned by American companies, and those headquartered outside of the United States, may cause changes in the near future. Many Americans believe that since US gamblers only have to be 18 to fight in a war or vote in a federal election in the United States, why must they be 21 to enjoy some responsible wagering?

However, the legal gambling age is driven by public opinion, and that means that Las Vegas online gamblers, as well as those enjoying the incredible live casino experience, could very well be allowed to place a wager at 18 years of age eventually. And since multiple, respectable online casinos headquartered outside of the physical United States allow US 18-year-olds to legally place bets, pressure may build to deliver that lower age minimum to physical and virtual gamblers frequenting American owned casinos, both online and off, sooner rather than later.

It is not outside the realm of possibility for the Vegas gambling age for the recently legalized online gambling niche in Nevada to end up at 18 years instead of 21, but this remains to be seen since those sites are not actually in place yet.