Las Vegas Gambling Regulators Team up With Alderney Gambling Control Commission

It seems that Las Vegas is ready to lay the framework for potential online gambling opportunities which are felt by many to be headed their way. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the British based Alderney Gambling Control Commission have reached an agreement that would enable the two governing bodies to work together on investigations and other regulatory matters. They will be sharing information, skills, and will work together in multiple respects of the las vegas online casino industry.

Nevada regulators are currently evaluating a company named 888 Gaming, which currently operates online gambling sites in England for Caesars Entertainment. One of the sites they operate is based on the World Series of Poker.

The partnership will provide Nevada access to valuable expertise in the online gambling industry, and Nevada is interested in exploring other potential agreement with regulatory bodies in multiple jurisdictions that are involved in Internet gambling, recognizing that these types of alliances could be very beneficial for Nevada when the time comes for them to engage in online gambling ventures of their own. Nevada is seeking for their licenses to experience global expansion and to enter new business and e-commerce sectors.

This is not the first time that Nevada regulators have eyed online gambling possibilities. In 2001, Nevada passed a bill that would allow online gambling by companies that held the non restricted Nevada gaming license. The law never actually saw the light of day due to pressure from the US DOJ. With New Jersey’s recent move forward in putting online gambling legislation on the table, we anticipate that Nevada and other states will be considering some new online gambling related legislation of their own.