Choosing Vegas Slot Tournaments Online – What Are My Options?

Slot tournaments are more prevalent online than off. In Las Vegas and other brick-and-mortar casinos, the most popular slots experience is a single player battling a single machine. These land based casinos do offer slots tournaments from time to time, however the online options run 24/7. Many Vegas style online casinos these days hold tournaments for slots players. Obviously the benefit for the player is the ability to enjoy a Las Vegas style casino experience from the privacy and comfort of their home, on their PC screen or smartphone. What the slot tournament does is allow online players the potential to win a greater deal of money than the traditional Internet slot experience does, by allowing them to compete against several other virtual players, with many different options and variations being offered, and tournaments available around the clock. These tournaments do add an interesting dimension to Vegas online slots gambling.

As of this writing the Vegas gambling online experience only consists of Internet poker at the state-sponsored level. However, legally licensed and certified offshore Internet casinos hold Las Vegas slot tournaments which support US and international players. By combining the purchasing power of several tournament players at once, the prizes offered are generally more generous than the typical winnings one can expect in a single player virtual slot machine experience. Both three reel and five reel slot tournaments are offered, there are free-roll and pay-for-play options available, progressive, video and 3D slot machines are sometimes added to the mix, and the most typical game play involves specific time limits for each level of tournament play.

Virtual Vegas slot tournaments online may begin with a 3 minute, 10 minute or 20 minute round. Some tournaments may last several rounds, and others are scheduled tournaments which take place at a specific time every day, week or month so you can set your clock by them and join in regularly. There is also the type of online slot tournament where you can jump in at virtually at any time, delivered in a sit-n-go format typical of the popular Internet poker tournament style. And for the serious Internet casino lover, some slot tournaments can actually go on for an extended period of time, days, weeks or even a month or more, and offer potentially life changing paydays. Some of these extended run slot tournaments actually offer top prizes of $1 million or more.

Scheduled slots tournaments tend to offer larger prizes, and the sit-n-go online slot tournament format generally offers smaller prizes, because of the short duration of its nature. So you have to decide whether you are going for the big win, or you prefer better odds. For example, there are sit-n-go slot tournaments that might allow just ten entrants. These tournaments may pay the top three or four finishers. This drastically increases your odds, but will obviously decrease the potential payout. Scheduled Las Vegas style slot tournaments online often allow you to rebuy if you get knocked out early, so you can decide exactly how much you want to risk for a huge payday. There are literally as many tournament variations as there are online slots casinos.

Just remember that whichever type of slot tournaments you decide to target, the first thing you must know is the prize pool distribution schedule. Knowing how many players are paid may change how you handle individual spins, as the usually solitary slot experience now pits you against other slots aficionados. The winners are determined by the amount of credits players have accumulated at the end of the set tournament time limit, and unlike traditional Internet slots, you do not win the amount of credits you have scored. There are literally dozens of scoring formats, sit-n-go and scheduled tournaments take place around the clock, and the only guarantee about any slot tournament is that you "can't win it, if you are not in it." The top casinos offering the most popular slots tournaments are listed below, and bear our stamp of approval, only after having passed a thorough review process.

Top Rated Las Vegas Slot Tournaments Online And Bonuses

Following are the Vegas style online casinos which offer daily, weekly, and/or monthly slots tournament options. Each of them has been vetted carefully. We have an experienced team of online gambling professionals who is responsible for reviewing any casino brand that we consider featuring in our guide, and classifying it as approved or rejected based on a stringent set of criteria and standards. With combined experience that spans decades, these professionals put each online casino through an extensive review process that evaluates every single element of an online gambling operation. They perform this process as a registered player, and again as an industry professional for a comprehensive perspective. While this is just a small sampling of the components which are examined under their microscope, our team verifies the following information on each site before proceeding with evaluations on performance:

Is the site legally licensed and compliance certified by a reputable and legitimate licensing jurisdiction?

  • Does the casino brand voluntarily subject themselves to industry auditing and testing by third party authorities to guarantee compliance of their RNG technology and fair gaming practices?
  • Is the site's security profile substantial, exceeding licensing requirements and industry standards?
  • Does the site employ a technical team to monitor their security protocols and fraud prevention initiatives?
  • What software platform is in place and what type of built in security features are included with it?
  • What type of reputation does the brand have among players and industry professionals?

These elements provide verification as to whether the site is safe and legitimately operating within the industry. Only then do we move forward with quality and performance testing, which also takes a great deal of time and initiative. All of the casinos on this page have undergone this process and passed with flying colors, ensuring a safe, reliable, and overall high quality online slots tournament experience.

Club World Casino
Club World Casino slots tournaments
Bonus: 100%
Max Bonus: $777
With online slots tournaments gaining momentum, we anticipate that additional platforms will begin to enjoy a tournament environment. Until then, you can enjoy other casino games in their traditional format, such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and Vegas online live dealer games, among others.