Some Simple Rules to Remember For a Winning Blackjack Strategy Online

Using only blackjack basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge down to a mere 0.5%. That is as close to a coin flip as you are ever going to get from a casino, whether virtual or brick-and-mortar. And that is with just a basic strategy. There are intricate maneuvers and plays that you can make once you understand the basics that will actually give you an advantage in several situations. But before you begin to practice an advanced black jack system, you need to understand the foundations of a winning blackjack betting strategy that will consistently remove the built-in edge that your Internet casino enjoys and enhance your Las Vegas online blackjack experience.

Any blackjack strategy that is going to work for you over the long haul requires that you remember one very important thing - even card counters and professional bj players very seldom win more hands than they lose over time. But by increasing the amount of money they bet when they see a favorable situation, and decreasing their wager when things are not so favorable, they can create an overall positive cash flow. Your first step in playing with a successful online blackjack strategy is to find a Las Vegas online casino that is established, has a good reputation in the Internet gaming community, and also delivers a large welcome bonus and other player rewards.

This is an immediate way to boost your bankroll, and should not be ignored. Now, we here at recommend that you play on a blackjack simulator or a free blackjack site and practice your blackjack strategy before wagering real money. You must be able to react quickly and instantly, without second-guessing yourself or hesitating. You need to always, always, always split pairs of Aces and Eights, and never, ever, ever split Tens. Any online blackjack strategy that is going to win over time has to include those stipulations. Also, play black jack heads-up against the dealer whenever possible, as this removes the possibility of "donkeys" playing improperly and ruining your hand.

Remember that when you see a lot of low cards, this means there are a lot of high cards left in the deck, giving you a very favorable situation. More cards with a value of 10 mean you have a better chance of hitting a blackjack, and the dealer has a better chance of busting. Split pairs of Twos, Threes and Sevens whenever the dealer's up card is a Seven or lower, and another smart piece of blackjack betting strategy is to always split a pair of Nines unless the dealer's up card is an Ace, a Ten or a Seven. And remember that one of the big benefits of playing bj online is the ability to refer to check an online blackjack strategy chart or table. There are plenty of blackjack basic strategy charts online, and you can even print one and keep it by your computer for quick reference.

When your hand is Ace - Seven, double down if the dealer's up card is a Six or lower. When you have a hard total of 13 to 17, stand if the dealer's up card happens to be a Six or lower, and if your hard total is 11, double down every time regardless what the dealer is showing. This blackjack betting strategy is by no means complete, and you should refer to one of the charts we mentioned above which can be found throughout the web. The advantages of playing blackjack online are plentiful. You do not have to tip, you can play one-on-one against the dealer, you can play many more hands than in a physical casino, and you can employ a large betting spread without drawing any suspicion. Add a simple and basic blackjack strategy to those advantageous features of Internet blackjack, and you give yourself the best opportunity at enjoying a winning session.

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